Bubbly Dynamics, LLC (“Bubbly”) is a social enterprise whose mission is to create replicable models for ecologically responsible and sustainable urban industrial development.

Established in 2002, Bubbly Dynamics, LLC is dedicated to incubating small businesses in formerly vacant, industrial buildings located in disinvested communities.

Bubbly Dynamics was founded to support the redevelopment of a derelict industrial building located in Chicago’s Central Manufacturing District. The company was named in honor of nearby Bubbly Creek, the branch of the Chicago River into which the stockyards once dumped their offal. This allusion to the transformation of a resource once considered bereft of value and benefit speaks to our goal of re-imagining waste and abandoned resources as assets, which is a key principle in the business’s philosophy.

Bubbly Dynamics’ staff of seven full- and part-time employees is based at our current project, The Plant, and focuses on all aspects of facility development, from hands-on build-out to development of smart building technologies.  Our projects demonstrate our vision and ability to design and develop viable projects that encourage the stability of small businesses and the neighborhoods in which they are located.