Visit The Plant

Come look  @insidetheplant  !

Come look @insidetheplant !


Because The Plant is a production facility, the building generally isn't open to the public. However, there are lots of opportunities to visit!


Take a behind-the-scenes tour from the perspective of the founder and the design team behind The Plant. Come learn about Bubbly's creative approaches to reimagine what is conventionally considered "waste" as valuable assets, and see how tenant businesses collaborate and create amazing food products while striving to increase efficiencies of all types.

Tickets to public tours (Saturdays at 2pm sharp and Market Saturdays also at 11:30am; tours run one hour) can be found here. The Saturday 2pm tours are followed by a free tour of Whiner Beer Co.’s brewery, led by the brewers themselves; just stop in at 3pm if you’re only angling for the brewery tour.

Seniors and guests with mobility issues should please be aware that only the ground floor of The Plant is wheelchair-accessible. We are planning to install a passenger elevator in the near future and appreciate your patience as we slowly transform this enormous building with limited resources.

If you are interested in a private tour or renting space for an event, please inquire below.

Hands-On Workshops

For information on workshops and classes, click over to Plant Chicago, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based here at The Plant that provides hands-on educational programming on circular economies.


Plant Chicago also manages markets held the first Saturday of each month from 11am-3pm at The Plant, featuring businesses based at The Plant and beyond. For the 2018 season, tenant businesses at The Plant that are participating in the market include Bike a Bee, Four Letter Word Coffee, Pleasant House Bakery, Sacred Serve, Tuanis Chocolate, The Urban Canopy, and of course Whiner Beer Co.'s taproom is always open during the market! Other products made and grown at The Plant can also be found for sale in Plant Chicago's farmstand in the lobby.

Whiner Beer Co.'s Taproom

While the building is typically closed to the public during regular Whiner Beer Co. hours, stopping into the taproom is a great way to literally get a flavor of what goes on at The Plant. Sample Whiner's delightful brews and grab a wood-fired Pleasant House pizza featuring ingredients from @insidetheplant! Be sure to take a peek at the research and demonstration projects located on the ground floor, including Bubbly's graywater wetland project in the lobby and Plant Chicago's algae bioreactors in the taproom.

... and Other Opportunities!

Be sure to follow The Plant on Facebook and Instagram to keep current on the many events taking place here. See you around!